Dolf de Voogd van der Straaten

It’s so nice to have Dolf speak in our church again. He will share on this coming Sunday, the 4th of March. We start at 11:00 AM and we will prepare lunch for everyone afterwards.

We consider Dolf a prophetic voice in the Netherlands, and love listening to what he has to say. We often find ourselves motivated by his insights and stories. Dolf likes to make us think about our walk with God.

David Gava Conference

We are blessed with amazing speakers in 2018. It’s is our honour and pleasure to welcome our friend David Gava for a prophetic conference. The conference will start Saturday at 2 PM and the sunday service starts at 11 AM. Make sure that you are there! Register through e-mail (at

David is the leader of the YWAM base in Herrnhut, Germany, and is pioneering a prophetic school there. The last times that he visited us, we were impacted by his prophetic insights and humble heart.

Henk Vink

We are excited that Henk Vink will speak in the Family Church service on Sunday February 18th. We have personally experienced how God uses him to restore souls, and mend broken parts of the heart. We have a heart to see the Bride restored, and are very happy with Henks role in this for Lighthouse. In both our team and our Family Home, Henk brought about a lot of restoration and maturity. All are welcome!

Henk is our personal counselor, and a good friend of Lighthouse. HE operates in a mix of powerful methods and the prophetic giftings of the Holy Spirit. It is our shared desire to see greater breakthrough in personal lives. Also, Henk has lots of experience advising and training organizations, and has taught many people and lived many adventures in his travels.

Joa Ephraim

We are excited that our good friend Joa Ephraim will speak in the Lighthouse Family Church on sunday the 21st of January. We see that God uses him in powerful ways in the Netherlands and internationally, and we are thrilled with the way God us moving through him in Europe.

Joa is a man that lives very closely to Gods heart. He comes from a family of radical leaders in Gods kingdom, and carries that same blessing. He is a churchbuilder, a great teacher and always knows how to make us excited for what God is doing. What we appreciate in Joa is his heart of love and grace, and that he is a leader that has gone through fire. Despite his young age he is very mature, and a true familyman.

Corinne de Groot – Family Church

Sunday November 19th we will celebrate Family Church with our friend Corinne de Groot. We acknowledge the prophetic anointing that is on her life, and see her as an inspiring example of a woman that knows deep intimacy with Jesus. We look forward to her coming, and cannot wait to hear her message. We hope you will join us! We start at 11 AM.

Corinne and her husband Arthur are pastors of the Ichtus Evangelical Church in Etten-Leur. We have known her family for many years, and are impressed by their faithful service in Gods Kingdom, and the way in which they have been unshakeable in seasons of warfare. We are happy that God would send such pioneers to the South of our nation, and feel connected to them.

Jackie Thompson – Freedom Conference

We are richly blessed in the month of November, when it comes to our speakers. We are honored to welcome our friend Jackie Thompson, and her team, on this second conference of the month. The conference will take place on fridaynight (starting at 8PM) and during the whole of Saturday (starting at 2PM) on the 24th-25th of November. Make sure that you are there! Please register through e-mail (on:

Jackie is a leader on the missionfield, and works together closely with Iris Ministries in Mozambique and many different nations. She is specialised in walking in the prophetic and in ministering inner healing. She has worldwide experience and fruit, and we are glad to be able to receive her in Lighthouse.

Thank You Note

We were so unbelievably and happily surprised with a big financial gift that we recently received. We have never had the pleasure of receiving such a big sum as a gift before.

There was a response of literal shouting, dancing and jumping when we received it!

For the giver(s) of this gift: we are so enormously grateful to you, and pray an amazing blessing back over you. We will use this gift, as requested, for our second-story buildingplans. We didn’t know how to send back a personal message, so we do it publicly: thank you!

Tineke Bouwman

Tineke will speak in Lighthouse on Sunday the 3rd of December. We are all excited to hear her stories. She just came back from a trip in which she visited Mexico, the United States and Canada.. We see that God is using her in collaboration with worldwide leaders, and are enthousiastic about what it is that God wants to open in and through her in Lighthouse!

Tineke started Lighthouse from a season of seeking God, in intimacy and revelation. Now, many years since then, we see the fruitfulness. There is an increasing outpouring of Gods Spirit through her life, both within and across international borders. Other than that we are greatful for the amazing amount of testimonies, that are a result of spontaneous prophetic moments or longer healingtrajectories that Tineke facilitates in our Family Home.

Family Church with Dolf de Voogd van der Straaten

Our good friend Dolf de Voogd van der Straaten will be the speaker at the Family Church service on July the 16th.

We consider Dolf to be a prophetic voice in the Netherlands, and love listening to what he has to say. We often find ourselves encouraged by his insights and stories. Dolf makes us think deeper about our image of God, our world and our lifestyle with God.

Samuel Dijkstra

Sunday December the 17th, Samuel will speak in the Lighthouse Family Church service. We are curious for what Samuel will share, because of his very intimate relationship with God and his prophetic anointing. Furthermore, he is an example as a father, and a loyal Lighthouse team member. Other than that, Samuel and his wife Nanda are worshipleaders in Lighthouse. Make sure that you are there!

Samuel carries the revelation of the fatherheart of God, eversince the time that he did the School of Ministry in Toronto. He makes this revelation a daily reality in his family, worship and in ministry. He has produced several albums successfully, and is an entrepreneur in the Kingdom of God.