A Little Update

Hello Lighthouse Family!

In the midst of this season we wanted to send out a little update.

As a team we are all at home, self-isolating with our families and finding a new flow in the midst of this season we find ourselves in. The Family Home is also separated into their individual houses, and we are settling into the new normal of this season.

Lighthouse is still officially closed, with no visitors, until at least April 6th, at which time we will re-evaluate everything, depending on the government’s decisions.

We are definitely missing our times together with you all – however, we know God is still on the move. The fire that He’s placed in us as a community – as a family – is spreading!

Since the beginning of 2020 you could feel the hunger growing in worship and the depth that was coming because of it. Feed that hunger – don’t allow it to just disappear. Pray, worship, listen to sermons, read books, read the Bible, be creative! Connect with Holy Spirit and go on an adventure with Him. We are believing that as we continue to press in now, we will see an explosion of celebration & a fresh depth of intimacy that will break forth as we come together again as a family.

So during this time we want to encourage you! Keep pressing into God. Keep pressing in for His presence to flood into your house, your community, this nation and the world. Stay connected as a family. Use social media, and keep connected with one another.

Remember to be a light shining forth wherever you are! Remember – a lighthouse doesn’t have to move to have an impact, it only needs to shine!

We love you family! Stand together. Stay strong. We’re in this together!