Passion & Glory 2018 conference

We are excited to announce our annual Passion & Glory conference, which will be hosted at the Lighthouse Family Church February 9th thru 11th 2018. Currently registration is closed. We are full booked.

In this worldwide gathering, we long to hear about the move of God, from the hearts of worldwide friends and radical pioneers in God’s Kingdom. We will have times of deep worship, in-depth teaching and Holy Spirit-filled ministry, as well as moments of food, fun and family.

This year we are excited to introduce our special guest, David Wagner. And off course there will be many, many more, to be announced soon. We are also happy to inform you that children’s ministry will be provided by a wonderful team of our friends from ‘de Katapult’.

Dolf de Voogd van der Straaten – 16 July 2017

Dolf is known and friend of the family. With his sharp vision and look on kingdom cases, he knows to trigger everybody. One of the questions he is asking enduring this speech

Who is the thief in the night who is waking you up today?

Dan Slade – 2 July 2017

Dan lives in Toronto and is the International Coördinator of the Partners in Harvest network of churches.
He and his wife Gwen where at Lighthouse this weekend and shared a powerful message.
Dan speaks about Nehemia, building and warfare.
Besides that he had a special message for Lighthouse about becoming an Apostolic Antiochia Centre.

Brazil – Fortaleza

A new destination since last week.
Tineke, Chris and Rose traveled to Brazil, a nation that we had never visited before.
They stayed at the Iris Base in The North-East of Brazil. More information about this place can be found at
href=”” target=”_blank”>the Iris Fortaleza website.

Photo’s can be seen on Facebookpagina.


With suitcases in hand, I made the journey from Toronto to join Lighthouse seven months ago.

Looking back, my time here has been one that has opened my heart in a completely new way. I was at the end of my rope. I saw things in myself that I was struggling with and wanted changed, but I had no grasp on how to get there. God changed all that this year. In September I was baptized, and that was the beginning of the journey. He transformed me from the very innards of who I am – making it feel as though I have come to life. He taught me how to surrender and trust Him in a whole new way. I have learned to be family, sharing the ups and downs of life, and most importantly, to be myself. The negativity that once flooded my thoughts is gone, and I have instead found joy.

– Jennifer Bunker

At first I was confused when Tineke asked me to come and live in Lighthouse for a period of time. It took a while to consider this opportunity, because it honestly scared me a bit. It wasn’t long before I realized that God was answering my simple prayer – help me out – it just came from a totally different direction than I had expected. I decided to give up my false sense of security and comfort, and jumped into the deep. Now, after only a small period of time, I can definitely say that this has been the second-best decision of my life. I strongly believe, and experience, that God brought me to Lighthouse to heal and restore my foundations; to raise me up to be a son of God. He shows Himself amazingly faithful in this. He gave me a beautiful family which is grounded and rooted in the love and knowledge of the Father. My moving to Lighthouse may appear as just an event for the outside world, but for me it is very profound and I consider it a miracle.

– Stephan de Gast

Facebook page

Over the course of this last year we’ve had a lot of guests ask us: “Does Lighthouse have its own Facebook page?

Our page is currently called Youth Centre Lighthouse, but since the word Youth Centre was spelled in Dutch (Jongerencentrum) we were basically untraceable for our international friends. That’s why we’ve decided to create a new page. From now on you can find us (and like us) under the name Lighthouse NL. The old Facebook page has been deleted.

So please find us on Lighthouse NL, like and follow us, and spread the word!