Lighthouse is greatly appreciative of everyone giving us support to do what we’re allowed and called to do. Some through serving on a practical level and others through making their finances available to us.

In 2009 we launched an official partner program for people, organizations and businesses that offer us structural and fundamental financial support.
With these resources we’re convinced that we release and support gifts and talents that could not have developed otherwise. Simply because the people in play would have to put too much time and effort into sustaining their own living.

If you are willing to support us using a monthly gift, we would happily get in touch with you.

Becoming a Family member

Are you interested in our Family partner program or do you want to receive more information about it? Please contact us.


PayPal is the most entrusted and secure method to send digital payments and donations. You can use your personal PayPal balance, bank account or credit card to donate to Lighthouse.

Or donate through PayPal.Me:

Manual donation

Making a donation using your personal bank account is always a possibility. Use the data below to do so. International fees may apply.

Stichting Lighthouse NL

IBAN: NL45ABNA0620993944 (ABN AMRO)

KvK (organization registration): 22058020
RSIN: 8146.37.917

Other options

Haven’t found what you were looking for or do you have suggestions? Please contact us.

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