Our Story

‘A shining light for the nations.’

In 2005 the foundation Youthcentre Lighthouse started. The goal of this foundation was to bring young people together and to help them connect with God. It’s youth activities were initiated in the same year.

In 2006 the need arose to give young adults a place to live. In the following years more and more young adults were taken in. This work has developed since then. In 2018 we have 4 houses in different locations within Rilland, where we provide a home to 16 young adults.

Every two weeks we host a Prophetic Worship Night on Friday nights. These evenings are filled with music and times of sharing experiences with God. As a foundation, we find value in listening to prophetic words, and collectively seeking God’s presence. 

In 2014 we started a biweekly church service followed by lunch. The purpose of this church is to be the family of God together. We do this by:

  • Worshipping God together
  • Growing in relationship with God and each other
  • Having meals together 

A great network of (mostly) missionaries has developed surround the foundation. These are people that we visit in the country they work. We have travelled to Mozambique, Mexico, South-Africa, Norway, Scotland, England, Germany, the United States, Brazil and Jordan. Our international activity focusses on collaboration, equipping, prayer and  practical support.


Our vision is to be a place where all can meet God.

Through meeting God we believe that people in need of miracles, will receive miracles. Those who are in need of vision, will receive vision. Those who need life, will receive life. 

We believe in the holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. and we believe God loves all nations.  By collaborating with connections that God gives us with ministries across the globe, we want to invest in our local work. Where possible we desire to expand our work to other locations in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Core values

  • Intimacy: living from an intimate relationship with God
  • Family: we are part of a worldwide family and get to experience this together
  • Prophecy: power and fruitfulness through prophetic words and acts 

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